Melbourne Trains

If ever you’re visiting Melbourne, in Australia, train travel is a great way to get around Melbourne and see the city.

Melbourne Metropolitan Train Network

Today, Melbourne has 222 train stations and 16 different train lines. Almost 250 million individual trips are taken on the train network of Melbourne each year.

Melbourne trains at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne
Melbourne trains at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.

Public transport in Melbourne is reliable and plentiful. If you’re visiting Melbourne on holiday, many of the city’s attractions are accessible by train. Some of the city’s main attractions even have their own station out front. For example, to get to Melbourne Zoo directly, catch a Melbourne train from Flinders Street Station to Royal Park Station. And the Melbourne Aquarium is between Flinders Street and Southern Cross Stations (formally Spencer Street Station), so either of these stations is convenient.

Whenever there are major events in Melbourne, such as the Melbourne Cup or sporting events at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) there will be extra Melbourne trains running.

Another beautiful place to visit during your stay in Melbourne, Victoria, is St. Kilda. This suburb is well known for its golden beaches, meandering esplanade, AFL Football team and a myriad of exquisite cafés and cake shops along Acland Street. To get to St. Kilda via train, go to Balaclava Station, approximately 12 minutes from Flinders Street Station.


The first steam train to puff its way around Melbourne was in 1854. In fact, this was Australia’s first ever train. The original track was about 4 kilometres long stretching from Flinders Street Station to Port Melbourne.

Future Plans

Currently the Victorian state government is working on major upgrades to the rail network, including removal of level crossings, and a new metro tunnel with four new stations. Future plans also include a mega 90km rail line with new stations connecting Melbourne’s middle suburbs in a massive loop, and the eagerly awaited Airport Rail link, allowing travellers to easily catch public transport to the international airport. More information about these infrastruture projects can be found on Victoria’s Big Build website.

Melbourne’s Red Rattlers are back!

Recently a group of highly dedicated Melbourne train enthusiasts managed to fully restore an old “Red Rattler” train (Tait train). On 23rd of April 2022 this sole surviving Red Rattler took tourists and locals on scenic rides between Dandenong and Pakenham. Those lucky enough were able to ride the Red Rattler back into Flinders Street, for its last passenger journey. From there, the Tait train was hauled back into the depo in Newport, where it’s stored under cover.

Visit the Steamrail Victoria website for info about upcoming historical train tours.

Heritage red rattler train.
The heritage red rattler train has been welcomed back to Melbourne.

Puffing Billing

Anyone looking for an iconic old train experience should head up to Belgrave train station 40km east of Melbourne, and board the old Puffing Billy steam train! Trains depart multiple times a day, with a return journey taking 3 to 5 hours. Puffing Billy is a must-see tourist attraction in Melbourne. The train runs on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Emerald and Gembrook, and is a great way to see the hills, valleys and forests of the Dandenong Ranges.

Booking is essential — visit for fares and timetables.

Puffing Billy steam train
Puffing Billy steam train crossing an iconic wooden trestle bridge.

Train Network Maps

To get your Melbourne train timetable and further information about the trains, Metro Trains Melbourne has all the details. Planned service disruptions and scheduling changes are listed on the Metro Trains website as well.

Maps can be downloaded from:

Grab yourself a Melbourne map and train timetable, and head off to see some of the sights of this lovely city.

We hope you enjoy your train ride!