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At Melbourne Maps Central, we believe maps are central to our modern lives. Throughout this site, you’ll find articles and info celebrating navigation and the world of maps. We hope you enjoy your journey!

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Maps for the Modern World

Maps are still crucial to our modern lives. The age of digital is seeing a big change in the way we rely on maps, it’s changed the way we use maps and now allows us to interact with maps like never before.

We can only imagine what things would be like if maps had always been so readily available.

Even with all the technology apps available in smartphones and tablets, maps still play a big role in finding our way around town. In Melbourne there’s a need for a vast array of maps for bush walkers, surveyors, maritime enthusiasts and even pilots.

The Need for Maps


Hikers need topography maps.


Surveyors need Cadastral maps.


Maritime enthusiasts need Bathymetric maps.


Pilots need Aeronautical maps.


The general public need Street Maps!

Our Mapping Mission

At Melbourne Map Central we strive to inform you on the latest tools and equipment so we can all enjoy the smoothest possible mapping experience! 

Throughout Melbourne Maps, you will find articles and info written by professionals in the world of maps. Shortly we will also be creating a digital Melbourne Map of our own. This Melbourne Map will showcase a directory of local recommended Melbourne businesses.